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Friday 9 February 2024

Interview with Katy Derham on BBC Radio 3 In Tune


The London Tango Quintet perform live on BBC Radio 3’s programme In Tune with Katie Derham to promote the release of their debut recording, Dancing with Piazzolla and the launch concerts in London on 10 February.

7 March 2022 Trafalgar Square



A pop-up orchestra performed an emotional trio of Ukrainian works in Trafalgar Square on Sunday, in a flashmob dedicated to the people of Ukraine.

In Tune 15 April 2021

Interview with Sean Rafferty on BBC Radio 3 In Tune

In Tune with Sean Rafferty

‘It’s always lovely to chat with Sean Rafferty’.
David Juritz, Craig Ogden and Tim Hugh talking about the Goldberg Variations on BBC Radio 3 In Tune. 

The Guardian

David Cameron's 'big society' is already being conducted by our orchestras

The prime minister should protect the arts from the axe because that’s exactly where his big idea for community spirit is thriving.

David Cameron’s big idea, the ‘big society’, may resemble an under-inflated balloon struggling to rise off the ground, but is his vision of a volunteer community really just so much hot air? I doubt we’ll ever find out. While the prime minister dreams of good citizens raising up their communities, his chancellor stands, knife in hand, ready to puncture the balloon in the very spot most likely to generate some lift. David Juritz 2010 More

As the details of the post Brexit trade agreement with the EU have become known, after a trade deal was finally struck at the eleventh hour, on 24 December 2020, musicians have realised that they are not part of the deal. They will have to apply for visas to travel in Europe, which adds an extra layer of bureaucracy and expense to the prospect of a European tour.


The Guardian

Margaret Hodge should be proud of the Proms

The Last Night may not be the Proms’ finest two hours, but the arts minister is wrong to criticise this world-class music festival

Margaret Hodge is in fact jumping on the same rickety bandwagon that has, in recent years, been driven by Arts Council of England. The gist of the message is that, unless you can show that your audience is representative of the broad demographic of the British Isles, you are failing and your product is suspect. Sounds reasonable enough. Just utterly wrong.
David Juritz 2008 More

The Guardian

Busking the blues away

Covent Garden

Travelling the world with a violin might seem a strange way to deal with a mid-life crisis – but raising money for a children’s music charity makes it all worthwhile… David Juritz 2007 More

The Guardian

Busking to a grand finale


I lose my clothes in Amsterdam and earn enough for an ice cream in Rome. Happily, my total takings from my tour of Europe set me on the way to Kampala... David Juritz 2007 More

The Guardian

Dancing the night away in Uganda

Kampala, Uganda

On my round-the-world busking tour I have my first major wobble – I really don’t want to go to Uganda. Once there, however, I am awe-inspired…
David Juritz 2007

The Guardian

Bucketfuls of Bach


From near celebrity in London to the cold shoulder in Zurich – the first week of my busking tour around the world has had a mixed reception, but the collection is looking promising… David Juritz 2007 More

The Guardian

Around the world in pennies

The second week of my busking tour around the world is spent dodging carabinieri in Milan and flogging my CDs in Stockholm. But I find fortune in Leipzig…
David Juritz 2007 More

The Guardian

There's no place like home

Cape Town

The next stage of my round-the-world busking tour brings me to South Africa, the place of my birth.
David Juritz 2007 More

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